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Detailed Analytics Reporting

The performance of every Automotive Digital Marketing channel (e.g. SEO, PPC, Social Platforms) is trackable. Our Analytics Reporting provides Dealer partners with insights and data on key performance indicators (KPI’s), user & website metrics, conversion data and more.

Using the Google Analytics Suite, each Dealer partner can expect a monthly performance-based Analytics report and review, with one of our Dealer Geeks. 

  • Get insights across all digital platforms
  • Get performance-based KPI’s & Metrics 
  • Fact-based data on R.O.I. 
  • Detailed monthly reporting & performance review with our Team 

*Dealer Geeks (LGO) is a Google Analytics Certified Company

Want fact-based performance insights from your Digital Marketing efforts? Speak with a Geek today!  

Get Analytics Insights & Know Your R.O.I.

For Car Dealers who find it difficult determining the effectiveness of their Digital Marketing Campaigns, Dealer Geeks transparent Analytics Reporting will provide you with insights and answers into every facet of your Digital Marketing strategy.   

Analytics will provide you with fact-based data which will allow you to focus more resources and revenue on the various channels that deliver exceptional R.O.I.

*Dealer Geeks (LGO) is a Google Analytics Certified Company

Want to know you’re R.O.I? Speak with a Geek today!

Get Fact-Based Insights on R.O.I.
Get to Know & understand KPI’s & other critical metrics

Your Digital Marketing Campaign
Gage effectiveness of each digital marketing channel   


Get Answers to All of Questions
With simple and easy to understand transparent Analytics Reporting