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Google Ads – PPC Management for Car Dealers

Google Ads or AdWords allows car dealers to increase visibility, brand awareness and drive a significant amount of website traffic, almost instantly! From geo-targeting to Remarketing and Display ads, Dealer Geeks is a full-service PPC Management

Scalable, measurable, and trackable, Google Ads are a highly effective marketing channel that allows you to position a customized message in front of consumers in your market, and who are interested in your brand, make, year and model of vehicles.

Our PPC Management Team are Google Ads (formerly AdWords) Certified and have worked with every car & truck brand in the marketplace.

  • Increase visibility & brand awareness with product-specific targeting
  • Geo-targeting by City, Town & Postal Code
  • Scalable, measurable & trackable
  • Detailed monthly reporting ( KPI’s & R.O.I.)

Google Ads – Exceptional ROI for Car Dealers

Other than Google and other search engines, there is NO other medium that allows you to get in front of consumers with the ”right ad” or message, at the ”right time”. We see the data, and Google Ads are more highly effective today than 4 or 5 years ago. Why? You have control over consumer reach, frequency, geo-targeting, ad copy (text ads), time of day (ads are seen), and budgets. Despite some misgivings about Google Ads or PPC, they, in fact, deliver great R.O.I… These reasons are why Google Ads are here to stay.

Google Ads PPC Management is another measurable digital marketing tool in a Car Dealers tool chest. For Automotive Dealers looking for new customer acquisition and want the facts on Google Ads, speak with a Geek who is a Google AdWords Certified Expert  

Speak with a Google Ads Certified Geek today!