Every Car & Auto Dealer Needs a Digital Marketing Geek!

Dealer Geeks delivers trackable & measurable Automotive Digital Marketing Solutions for Car & Auto Dealers.

From Car Dealer Websites to Car/ Auto SEO, Local SEO & PPC Managment, we’re a full-service Automotive Digital Marketing Agency.    

 Our Focus – CAR WEBSITES & Automotive Digital Marketing 

Car Dealer Websites & Digital Marketing Strategies that provide your Customers with an exceptional user experience and… sell cars!

Need a Digital Marketing Strategy that works? Speak with a Geek!

Car & Auto Dealer Websites

For most consumers, a Dealers Website is their first point of contact in the car buying process, it’s also an opportunity for an Auto Dealer to make a great first impression. What comes after that is as important as the first impression itself, as a Consumers user experience or UX on your website, will likely decide how far they go in the online buying process. A great UX can also move a buyer along the path to conversion. A conversion can be defined as ”taking an action” such as engaging your team via email or live chat, booking a test drive, or calling your dealership to speak with a Product Consultant. 

Highly converting car dealer websites is what We do, and it’s also the beginning.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing various elements of your Car Dealer Website, with the purpose of improving its visibility in the Organic & Local search engine results pages or SERP’s.  

Why SEO? An effective Local & Organic SEO strategy can drive an enormous amount of traffic to your website. Search Engine Optimization is and should be an essential part of any of Automotive Digital Marketing Strategy. Benefits of an effective SEO Campaign include high conversion rates and exceptional ROI. Can’t find your dealership on Google? Call us! 

Dealer Geeks are SEMrush Certified and Know SEO! 


Need a Car & Auto Finance Solution? We have that too! 


For most Car & Auto Dealers, PPC or Pay-Per-Click Advertising is a highly effective strategy that can drive an enormous amount of website traffic. This is because PPC provides dealerships with geo-targeting options, customized text ads, display advertising options and remarketing. All of these options allow you to promote new & pre-owned, and all your brands, makes, years & models.

In addition to increasing your website traffic, Pay-Per-Click is a highly & cost-effective way to build brand awareness in the communities you serve.

Become a market leader today, by positioning advertisements in front of consumers searching for your cars, trucks, parts & service and more.

*Dealer Geeks (LGO) are a Google AdWords Certified Company.

Google Analytics REPORTING

Of all mediums, Digital Marketing is the ONLY one that is entirely trackable.

As a Google Analytics Certified Company, Dealer Geeks (LGO) is able to track campaign metrics, KPI’s, ranking data (SEO) and more, across ALL digital platforms. This gives our Dealer partners insight into their digital marketing efforts and campaign performance. 

All of our Dealer Partners receive detailed monthly reporting. 

*Dealer Geeks (LGO) are a Google Analytics Certified Company.